Have you ever noticed that just about EVERY market and social research company claims to be a “leading” one?

Well, we make no such boast, but instead deliver consultancy services that will best meet your needs and budget; with a client view and your business in the picture.

It’s not about us, it’s about you.

Help us help you …

We don’t crack walnuts with sledgehammers. We get to the point in meeting your needs and strive to inspire confidence.

If you’re considering whether you need a research solution, talk to us about it.

Akerstream market social research analysis and reporting

Feel free to call – with no obligation – and without the meter running.

We explain every step, and your involved in every step of the journey.

Call us or email…

Erik Okerstrom
M:0412 885 863
E: erik@akerstream.com

Market research, Melbourne.

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